A couple of other things to mention . . . first, they claim to have "
the world's best Brunswick stew" . . . while, yes, the recipe was handed down to Vernon from his great-grandmother to him to carry on, he knows I respectfully disagree that it's "the world's best", it's a little thin (I like my base sauce somewhat thick) and has everything out of the kitchen but the kitchen sink in it, not just pork and vegetables but also beef and chicken and green beans which I have a hard time digesting and, well, it shows that reasonable men can respectfully disagree on cuisine specifics, you may indeed find it to be "4-stew"-rated while I don't . . . second, you simply have to try their "Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding" which is made from, I kid you not, actual Krispy Kreme donuts and a few small chocolate chips and is glazed in a light lemon sauce . . . while I don't normally like bread pudding, it's usually without a distinctive taste to me, Mr. Griffin's bread pudding made is simply, pardon my slightly risqué forwardness, sex on a plate, an eatable orgasm that you stick a fork in to wolf it down before you realize you've eaten "the whole thing" which I do knowing all the while that I'm risking irritating my damaged pancreas and possibly winding up in the hospital, it is that good and words trying to describe its unique flavors don't do it justice . . . perhaps without his meaning to, this Krispy Kreme-based dessert ("the second best way to enjoy Krispy Kreme donuts" as how he phrases it) has become his signature dish and you really do need to order a slice when you go there.

Post Script: my wife also asked me to mention that their ribs are also "4-pig", are to die for, like you'd expect anything else but that from them, Smile.

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