... Falls River closed for good as of  December, 2008 but blazed a legendary trail of creating some of the best barbecue this State has ever seen in its brief tenure as what quickly became a true world-famous and world-class BBQ dining venue.


Review Of Falls River Smokehouse
110 Litchford Village Shopping Center /
8320 Litchford Road
Raleigh, NC 27615

Wed ~ Sat 7AM-9PM for
breakfast, lunch & dinner

Restaurant is closed to the public Sun ~ Tue

Restaurant is available for private parties Sun ~ Tue
& catering is always available 7 days a week as well , call

H. Kent Craig

Reviewed: May, 2008


Once in the greatest of whiles, a master chef stays under the radar for a long time for their own reasons. They simply might not want the risk of running such a specialty cuisine establishment like a barbecue restaurant, they might be making more money working for someone else than they possibly could "going independent" or in the case of master chef across all venues but simply loves and has nailed barbeque - Vernon Griffin - who owns and props Falls River Smokehouse in north Raleigh N.C., was making a very comfortable living for himself with his private catering business for years and years before deciding, perhaps I should say having "an attack of the insanities", to open his own retail fine-cooked swine flesh sit-down establishment and take all the risks and the headaches as well as possible rewards that go along with it.








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