Take Me out To The Ball Game

Includes Condiments and 2 sides


 Choose two entrées—$7.00 per person, 15 person minimum

Choose three entrees—$10.00 per person, 20 person minimum

Choose four entrees—$12.00 per person, 30 person minimum

Can be grilled on site for an additional charge.


Beef Hot Dogs

All Meat Dogs

Southern Classic Red Hot Dogs

Sausage Dogs


Smoke Sausage (add $1pp)

Angus Burgers ((1/2 lb ) (add $1.50pp)

Morningstar Products (add $2pp)

Grass Feed Hamburgers (add $2pp)

Bison (add $2)




Vickie’s Famous Cole Slaw

Aunt Grace’s Potato Salad

Assorted Snacks

BBQ Beans



( Also check Sides Page}








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